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Pursuite Advantages

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    Smart Shop

    Smart Search

    Discover relevant products with intelligent search powered by our proprietary algorithm.

    Smart Quotes

    Get fast tracked relevant quotes through our revolutionary Quick Quote.

    Smart Buy

    Get Optimal search results learnt from your buying preferences, do intelligent comparisons, buy instantly.

    Smart Payments

    Pay with multiple payment options, customise payment release clauses, design your own contract.
  • Stay Connected, Stay informed

    Secure Connect

    Connect one on one with suppliers for transparent negotiations driven by your business needs

    Intelligent Tracking

    Complete process flow tracking with notifications throughout the P2P cycle
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    Value Maximisation

    Maximise business savings

    Save time, reduce costs, optimise efforts with our revolutionary P2P technology.

    Maximum Options

    Exhaustive catalogue curated by Industry Experts available at the best prices.

    Maximum Quality

    Buy only the highest quality products sourced from top manufacturers across the world.
  • Secure and Reliable

    Transparent marketplace

    Suppliers and products curated based on reviews and ratings driven by your feedback.

    Security and Privacy

    End to end encryption on all direct communications between you and your suppliers.

    Super Suppliers

    Reliable quality assured suppliers with years of industry experience.
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  • Key Features

    • Quick Quote

      Tell us what you need. Receive relevant quotes quickly. Compare, negotiate and close faster than ever before.
    • Comprehensive Catalogue

      Extensive products, top brands and best suppliers at best prices.
    • Easy Returns

      Convenient return policy designed to address your business needs.
    • Quick Buy

      Discover, Compare and Buy products instantly. Save your valuable time.
    • Smart Product Discovery

      Discover the exact product you need with our intelligent search algorithm.
    • Safety

      Inbuilt security and privacy features provide complete confidentially to your business dealings
    • Secure Multi Pay Options

      Choose from a variety of payment options best suited to you.
    • 24 Hrs Support

      Round the clock support at each step to address your every need.
    Key Features
  • Discover a smarter way to meet your business needs

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