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Getting started

Who can register at Pursuite? + -
Only businesses with valid licenses are authorized to purchase from us. All members are registered after thorough verification of their business credentials.
What type of products can I find at Pursuite? + -
  • Bed & Bath
  • Foodservice & Equipment
  • Housekeeping & Janitorial
  • Guest room amenities and Supplies
  • Office supplies & disposables
Is there any registration fee? + -
Registration at is free for all, account is activated after reviewing the document and information provided.
Do I have to pay any account maintenance fee? + -
No account maintenance fee is charged for creating account at
What type of purchasing options are provided by Pursuite? + -
We provide three purchasing options:
  • Instant Buy : Select and add products to the shopping cart and check-out. This option is possible for products whose price has been listed on the portal.
  • Quote Request : Seek quote request for selected products or from selected seller for his products. Confirm the order after evaluating received quotations.
  • Quick Quote: Simply answer a few questions related to the products you are looking for. Relevant suppliers will reply with the quotations. Evaluate the received quotations and place order.
We suggest that you use Quote Request option for bulk purchases of listed products or for buying quantities less than the specified minimum order quantity (MOQ)or for those products whose price has not been listed on the portal. In case you are not able to find the desired product(s) in the portal, please use Quick Quote and we’ll get you the quotes from relevant suppliers.


How do I register on + -
You have to fill a simple registration form on the website We will respond to you after reviewing your information at the earliest.
Do I need to provide any document while registration? + -
No, you don’t need to provide documents at the time of registration. However, to ensure a trustworthy business between buyers and suppliers, we will require the following documents. Failure of document and business verification may lead to account deactivation.
  • VAT registration certificate
  • CST registration certificate
  • Service Tax registration certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Card
Is there any assistance offered for registration? + -
For assistance related to registration process, you can get in touch with our customer support via chat available on the website or directly call our customer support at +91-9415810454. You can also drop us an email at

Instant Buy

Can I make a quick purchase from Pursuite? + -
Yes, if you are a registered buyer, you can purchase anything from Pursuite in four simple steps.
  • Select the required product(s)
  • Add product(s) to your shopping cart.
  • Housekeeping & Janitorial
  • Select delivery address
  • Make payment
Is order cancellation allowed before delivery? + -
Orders can be cancelled through customer support before delivery.
  • In case of Instant Buy, order cancellation is possible till the order is dispatched.
  • You can also cancel the order after the Purchase Order (PO) has been raised (in case of Quote Request method.)
How can I check my order status? + -
You can check the status of your order in your Pursuite account under “Purchase Order Management” menu item by clicking "Track Order" against your (purchase) order.

Quick Quote

What should I do if I am not able to find the required product on Pursuite? + -
In case your required product is not listed on the website, just select the required category from the menu and select the quote request option, provide answers to few simple questions related to your requirement and we will do the rest for you.
Where can I find the query that I have posted using Quick Quote? + -
A new Quote Request is created for all the queries posted using Quick Quote option, you can find all your queries in your My Account under Quote Request Management section.
How will I get to know if I have received response from any seller? + -
You will receive a notification from Pursuite if any seller responds to your quote request. Otherwise you can always visit your My Account to check the progress of your quote request.

Quote Request

What is a Quote Request? + -
Quote Request refers to RFQ (request-for-quote). When looking to make a purchase, you can create a quote request on Pursuite with as much detail as possible about the required product. Relevant suppliers will then review your request and submit customized quotations to you.
Is there an obligation to buy when I create a quote request and receive quotations from suppliers? + -
No, there is absolutely no obligation to purchase. Although Pursuite quotation system is meant to be a tool for those seriously looking to make purchases, buyers on Pursuite are never locked into any deal simply by receiving quotation or sending messages to sellers through Pursuite.
Can I contact seller before making any purchase? + -
Yes, you can send message(s) to a seller for any enquiry. Seller will respond as per his/her availability.
I am not sure about the exact details of the product I need. Should I still use Pursuite? + -
Yes! Many businesses use Pursuite not only as a tool to get quotes, but also as a comprehensive tool to research products they are not familiar with. Here are some of the ways Pursuite can help when you are not sure about the product to buy:
  • If you are not sure whether the listed products suit your need, create a quote request by simply answering a few questions specifying your requirements. We’ll get you quotes from the suppliers who can fulfill your needs.
  • To get detailed understanding of the products simply browse through Pursuite’s categories to find comprehensive information on suppliers and products. Compare them and shortlist the products/suppliers most suitable to your needs.
  • Use product and supplier reviews and ratings to shortlist products. Supplier details provided with the products further help in finalising purchase decisions.
I want a quotation only from a specific seller. Should I still use Pursuite? + -
Yes, you should still use Pursuite! While Pursuite can help you discover new suppliers, if you want quotation only from a specific seller you can directly visit the seller’s profile and send your quote request to him/her.
I am looking for a quote from a supplier that is not on Pursuite. What can I do? + -
We are constantly looking to expand our supplier base on Pursuite in order to better serve your needs. If there is any seller that you normally work with but you are unable to find him on Pursuite, please drop us an email at We'll get your preferred suuplier on Pursuite as soon as possible.
It has been several days since I created a request, and I still haven't received any quotes. What am I doing wrong? + -
To encourage sellers to respond to your request, make sure that you have provided as many details as possible with your request. If you want to add more details to your request, you can click on ‘View Quote Request’ in the 'Quote Request Management' section in your Pursuite account and edit the details appropriately.
What can I do to ensure I get the best, most accurate quotation? + -
In order to provide accurate quotation, suppliers need to understand what your needs are. Try and provide as many details as possible in your quote request. It may also help to attach an image of the final product you want to get more accurate quotations.
Is order cancellation allowed before delivery? + -
Order cancellation is not allowed for Purchase orders created for Quotation.

Purchase Order

I got a quote from a supplier, and I would like to complete the purchase. What are the next steps? + -
There are a few things you have do to move forward in the purchase process. First, click on the “Create PO” button in your View Quotation section and then make advance payment as agreed with the supplier. The supplier will be notified about the Purchase order creation. Once he confirms the payment receipt your order will start being processed.
How much advance do I need to pay so that supplier can start working on my purchase order? + -
The advance amount agreed between you and seller against the quotation has to be paid for creating a Purchase Order.
How disputes will be settled? + -
Dispute resolution customer service team will assist you in resolving disputes as per the agreement signed for the order.


How can I return/replace an item? + -
You can contact our customer support number 7827408070, to request for return or replacement of the item(s) in your order.
Will Pursuite pick up the item I want to return/replace? + -
Yes, our courier partners will pickup the item(s) from your delivery address in case return/replacement is requested.
When can I expect refund for my returned items? + -
Once we receive the original item, we will do quality check within 2 days and initiate a refund.
  • For prepaid orders, it will be initiated immediately to card/bank account. Your bank will take a maximum of 4 to 7 business days to credit this amount.
  • For cheque payment/wire transfer, it will be credited to your bank account through a NEFT transfer within 24 hours.
We will also keep you updated on email and SMS.
What are the details I must provide for a bank NEFT transfer? + -
You need to provide the following details:
  • Bank account number
  • Account holder's name
  • IFSC code (mentioned on your bank cheques)


What are the different modes of payment available? + -
You can use any one of the following payment methods:
  • Pay by Cheque
  • Pay by Wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Net Banking
My transaction failed but the money has been deducted from my account. What should I do? + -
Don't worry, it will be reversed to your account within 2-4 working days

Shipping & Delivery

Do you charge for shipping? + -
No, shipping is free of cost and managed by Pursuite
What is the duration of order delivery for orders placed using Quick Buy option? + -
Order is delivered within 10 days from order placement
What is the duration of order delivery for orders placed using quotation process? + -
As per the delivery terms discussed and agreed between you and seller through quotation.
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